Poultry sector


Poultry business portfolio

KG Group poultry sector consists of the two biggest poultry farms and processing facilities in Lithuania – Vilniaus Paukstynas and Kaisiadoriu Paukstynas and their subsidiaries.

These names are associated with long-term experience, state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies, and high quality. We offer a wide product selection from fresh meat to pre-made meals. We are continuously looking for innovative solutions in order to ensure a variety of tastes and easy and convenient product preparation. 

Business activities:

  • Rearing of chickens for fattening,
  • Production of poultry products,
  • Production of animal by-products.

We have a unique production chain "from field to table". We control every manufacturing process, from provision of feed to the chicken for fattening to delivery of the prepared product to the clients.

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